FOX59 shows you how $59 can protect your home against thieves

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- As the temperatures rise, so does the risk of thieves getting into your home.

Safeguarding your property doesn’t have to mean installing expensive security devices.  FOX59 shows you what you can do to your home with just $59 to stop burglars in their tracks.

“The more difficult you make it the less likely you`re going to be victimized,” said Anthony Johnson with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

It's not enough just to lock your doors and windows. There are simple things you can do to make your home safer against thieves. An easy place to start is with a $9 box of screws.  Most doors come with 1/2-inch screws.  Trade those 1/2-inch screws for longer ones, so they go deeper past the trim, making it harder for someone to kick in your door.

“Going to take a 3-inch screw, this is going to get us all the way into the 2 x 4, so now we`re all the way in and now this isn`t going anywhere,” said Andrew Sullivan with Sullivan’s Hardware.

Replacing your entire door could cost you hundreds of dollars. Instead, you can spend just $20 on a door reinforcer. The metal device goes around your doorknob, making your door instantly stronger.

“So, if the wood is not strong enough, this is just something that when someone tries to kick it in the wood is not going to bust open,” said Sullivan.

A doorjamb retails for just $20, making it a lot tougher for strangers to pry open your door. Also, put a strong rod at the bottom of your sliding door. You can get an adjustable one for about $10.

“Sometimes people just use a dowel rod, they cut it, and lay it at the base of the door. It`s really just to stop them from coming in,” said Sullivan.

Thieves want to get in and out quickly and quietly. Every week, investigators are dealing with new home burglary cases. Johnson said thieves aren’t using pawn shops as much anymore.  Now the thieves are stealing what they know they can sell to someone on the streets.

“They`ll go shopping at homes for those products so they can sell them to a specific buyer on the street. So they already have a customer for what they`re going to steal before they ever go in and steal it,” said Johnson.

Outsmarting thieves can be as simple as just closing the blinds on your windows. Don’t give thieves the chance to window shop your home. Johnson said thieves have almost always scoped things out before they hit a home.

“The safest thing is to do as much as you can to visibly secure your home so the would-be burglar just passes you by,” said Johnson.

If a burglar does decide to stop at your house, just $59 could be the difference in keeping your home safe and keeping a thief out. Also, as you’re doing spring cleaning around your home, think about safety.  Make sure to trim down tall trees and bushes, which thieves can use to hide or stash stolen items.