Dog shot, doused with bleach begins long road to recovery

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A dog has a long road of recovery after being shot in the eye, doused with bleach, and possibly stabbed. It happened somewhere in the area of 26th and MLK on the city's near northwest side.

The dog walked right into a post office and collapsed on the ground. He was bleeding badly and hanging on for his life.

IMPD Officer Timothy Elliott was on patrol in the area. He said employees at the post office flagged him down and he ran straight to the dog to help.

"He was drenched in bleach from head to toe. His hair was matted down. He had fresh blood all over his neck," Elliott said.

Investigators believe the dog was shot somewhere in the area before seeking help in the post office. Because of the dogs sweet demeanor, they don't believe the dog was acting as a threat to anyone.

Elliott knew the dog would need a good home where someone would be able to care for his critical wounds. Elliott's wife, Tiffany, is a Wayne Township paramedic.

At first, the couple agreed to foster the dog. Then, after meeting "Winks," they quickly changed their minds. They plan to adopt him if his owners don't come forward within four days.

"We fell in love," Tiffany said. "He's still able to wag his tail and even be around humans-- after what they’ve done to him it's pretty remarkable."

Winks still has a long road ahead. He will have surgery within the next few days. He will have to have his eye removed. The bullet lodged in his esophagus will also be removed. Doctors will have to stitch-up other wounds, like a possible stab wound.

"He’s so sweet and I can’t see him doing anything to deserve what happened to him," Tiffany said.

The chances of finding the person who did this are slim. Investigators don't have much evidence to work with. Elliott said no one called 911 to report shots fired.

"You should really be ashamed of yourself. People who do this to animals, there’s no telling what they’ll do to a person and it's scary they're still out on the street," Tiffany said.

If you know anything about the abuse, call police.

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