Mom battling brain cancer says her kids motivate her to keep fighting

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– An Indianapolis mother battling a deadly form of brain cancer continues to fight because of her four young children.

In 2015, Tahaira Sanders was told she had a brain tumor, known as glioblastoma (GBT).

“I had this big ugly world I had never heard of,” said Sanders. “I just went into research mode big time. It was scary.”

Sanders had been suffering headaches and extreme fatigue, eventually leading to seizures.

“It just didn’t let up,” said Sanders. “I shouldn’t have ignored those things grouped together like that.”

Since her diagnosis, Sanders has had four separate brain surgeries. Saturday marks the anniversary of her first brain surgery in 2015.

Sanders is a full-time mother of four children, Terryn, Mars, Maronica and Reo, who are watching her go through the surgeries and chemotherapy.

Sanders said she is continuously motivated by her kids.

“You think sometimes being sick would be easier without children because you worry about your children and you don’t want them to be scared or sad,” said Sanders. “But, they sure give you a heck of a reason to fight, to smile, to laugh. Whatever you might need, they give it to you.”

Sanders’ last surgery was in January. She said she’s been feeling much better since.

On Sunday, she will celebrate Mother’s Day with her children and fiance , Rob.

“It’s huge for me,” she said. “Everything is a milestone once you receive a diagnosis like this.”