Summer-like weekend could bring storms; Another 80° day for Mother’s day

We are eleven days into May and everyday has been ABOVE normal.  May 2018 currently ties for the 12th warmest on record!
That was a warm front that passed and it stalls out north of Indianapolis Friday evening. Today was the 6th 80-degree day of the month and today's 84° high tied for warmest of the year.
A warm Indy Gran Prix Saturday with temperatures over 15-degrees above normal.   The forecast is for the warmest of 2018 and a possible record tying 88°.   The record is old and dates back to 1881! How much clouds cover we experience will play a key role into how warm it gets. Note, the humidity will be much higher come Saturday afternoon.
The storm chances are to be focused near that wobbly stationary front all weekend long,  which will remain over the northern-third of the state.
We are looking for storms to really ramp up late Saturday night into early Sunday morning as a nighttime jet stream kicks in.
The low level winds will be the energy to develop thunderstorm clusters. The momentum of the winds aloft (5000 feet) will remain strong while near the surface the winds die off sharply creating a pile up of air.   As the air 'piles up', clouds build and eventually thunderstorms come to life.   Storms, a few active or gusty ones are to develop after sunset Saturday over northern Illinois and spread east, southeast before sunrise Sunday.
Mother's Day may open a little bumpy as storms ride in before daybreak but after sunrise the storms will diminish.
Mother's Day 2018 will reach the 80s again this year along with an elevated amount of humidity. We've scanned the past 60 years of Mother's Days in Indianapolis and found that 13 have topped 80-degrees (warmest 84° in 2004 and 1960). Three of the past four years have reached 80-degrees for Mother's Day, last year 83° while 2016 only reached 65°.