Woman who battled infertility encourages others to have faith during Mother’s Day weekend

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  - Grieving the loss of a child, the loss of your own mother, or your struggles to become a mother.

Despite the cards and flowers that brighten Mother's day, it can be a tough time for some people. Cher Kimbrough knows that first hand after years of trying to get pregnant.

"I remember during infertility this time of year was like can the weekend please come and go," Cher said.

For the first time in five years of trying to get pregnant, Cher doesn't have anxiety about Mother's Day.

She is celebrating with her double portion. 11-month-old twins, Xavier and Olivia. Her hands are full, but this is the moment she's been waiting for.

"When I walk in in the morning and there's poop smeared everywhere I'm cracking up laughing and grabbing cameras because it just feels good. It's hard to make me mad as a mom because I never thought I'd see the day," Cher said.

She remembers darker days on her infertility journey. Pushing an empty stroller during a Mother's Day walk she organized to help women just like her pay for fertility treatments.

"The whole time I thought is this stroller ever going to be occupied," Cher said.

That thought can be daunting especially this time of year. Infertility therapist and executive director of The Cabin, Deidra Rausch says protect your heart.

"I encourage them to give themselves permission to not celebrate the day. That may mean not going to church if they're folks of faith. Maybe it means not going to their parents’ home," Deidra says.

For a start, taking a digital break helped.

"Stay away from social media you know during mother's day because it's not good for you. It's just every single woman reminding you of something that you don't have," Cher said.

Cher says even though she's been successful, she wants to keep talking about infertility in hopes someone doesn't give up.

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