Showers and t-storm chances tonight; hotter tomorrow

A hot and humid Mother’s Day left us tied with record high temperatures for today’s date. We made it up to 88-degrees in Indianapolis. That’s also the warmest Mother’s Day we’ve had in over 60 years.

We’ll stay warm tonight with temperatures dropping to the lower 70’s around midnight and into the upper 60’s by early tomorrow morning.

We are tracking the chances for a few showers and thunderstorms tonight. Most of us stay dry this evening but a complex pushing through north central Illinois has shown heavy lightning and a hail threat. If that holds together, we could be seeing those threats as well as some gusty winds in portions of our area later this evening.

Current models have not been doing the best job at placing the track of the storm but I do believe we could see some isolated showers and thunderstorms across our northern communities this evening. Spotty showers and t-storms are possible later this evening closer to central Indiana.

Most of us will stay on the dry side. A few showers and thunderstorms will be possible again early tomorrow morning, mainly to the north.

Monday will be even hotter with highs closer to 90°. That would break the record high temperature of 88° for tomorrow’s date.

A few spotty showers or t-storms are possible but we’ll be mainly dry into the afternoon. Better chances for showers and storms come Monday night and Tuesday.

Daily chances of rain linger through the week but there will be plenty of dry hours too.