Hired or Fired Week: Did the FOX59 Morning News team make the cut?

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It’s Hired or Fired Week on FOX59 Morning News, and that means the team is trying its hand at several different jobs to to see if they can handle it!

MONDAY | Scott Jones: Pizza maker (Hired AND Fired!)

Scott Jones went to HotBox Pizza to learn how to make a pie like the pros. He worked with Jeremy Whiteley, a HotBox employee, to learn the ropes. Whiteley says he performs a number of jobs, from making pizzas to delivering them and answering the phone (“Whatever it takes,” he tells Scott).

Scott first worked on the dough. It started out a little square, but he finally got it looking like a circle. He learned the exacting standards of adding sauce, cheese and toppings. It took him about 15 minutes to make a pizza, while Whiteley made “five pizzas in about 10 minutes.”

In the end, Whiteley thought Scott did well enough to earn a spot–as long as he didn’t drop pizza during the delivery. You can watch what happened below:

TUESDAY | Angela Ganote: Tree trimmer (Fired!)

Angela Ganote worked as a tree trimmer for Brandon Leese at Trees R Us, the business owned by the former Butler and pro baseball player. He's been in business for 16 years and wanted Angela's help clearing a lot for a home in Brownsburg. It's a big challenge because Angela doesn't like heights.

His team was off to a pretty good start but had two dead limbs that would be hanging over the new home. Angela got geared up in "safety green" and ran a machine to pick up some large logs. She tried to throw a "Johnny ball" into a tree so the team could set some ropes to pull it down. It didn't go well.

Then she put on some climbing gear and became a tangled mess! In the end, Brandon and the gang just couldn't make the hire. Watch the video below:

WEDNESDAY | Jim O'Brien: Sun King brewer (Hired!)

Does Jim O'Brien have what it takes to become a brewmaster?

He went to Indy's own "king of beers"--Sun King Brewery--to find out. It's a difficult, complicated process, and Jim didn't get things right from the onset. He snaked his way through the maze of hoses but found himself running about 15 minutes behind.

And he had plenty to learn: from clamping to hoses, to adding grain, hauling grain, sampling grain and smelling grain. Pachanga was the brew of the day!

Jim admits he was amazed and overwhelmed by the job! In the end, he made the cut. You can watch what happened below:

THURSDAY | Britt Baker: Yoga instructor (Fired!)

As yoga grows in popularity, Britt Baker thought she'd try teaching it. It's a daunting task: according to studio manager Jillian McAfee at Invoke Studio, it takes 200 hours of study. You have to know about anatomy, body alignment, the different yoga positions and how to teach a class.

Britt admits that some of the poses look easy, but instructors can only teach what they can do themselves. Since she's only taken one yoga lesson in her life (when she was 12 years old!), she had a steep hill to climb.

Britt gave it her best shot, but she had trouble keeping her balance. McAfee told Britt she had some room to grow in terms of communicating with the class. Other knocks against her included punctuality (she was late to class) and problem-solving.

Britt, who concedes she's "probably a little too high strung" to teach yoga, was fired. Watch the video below for more:

FRIDAY | Ray Cortopassi: Party balloon artist (Hired!)

Ray pushed his dexterity to its very limits while learning how to "twist some balloons." After that, it was time to pick a costume. Ray the pirate? No. Ray as Prince Charming? No. He finally settled on Captain America.

He arrived at Eleanor Skillen School 34 to entertain some students. He nearly forgot his shield--the essential part of a Captain America costume! With shield in hand--and balloons at the ready--he embarked on his balloon mission.

Ray's trainers at Balloongenuity made all sorts of things: crowns, princess wands and even turtles! Ray had to adapt! He showed off some mean shield-throwing skills, though.

In the end, Ray got the enthusiastic endorsement of the kids--and he was hired! Check out the video below:

Here's the final scoreboard:


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