Parents of slain Southport police officer visit national memorial bearing his name

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WASHINGTON – It was an emotional day in Washington D.C. as the father and stepmother of Southport Police Lt. Aaron Allan visited the memorial for fallen officers, which now bears his name.

Jim and Sharri Allan spent around 20 minutes at the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial. The two walked hand in hand holding each other for strength.

“It’s humbling. It’s not what Aaron would have wanted, but it’s quite a tribute,” Jim said.

Aaron name is now one of the more than 21,000 inscribed on the memorial’s marble walls. Jim said he was at a loss for words seeing his son’s name on the memorial for the first time.

“I find myself coming up short with the pride I have for my son. I’m very honored to say I’m his father,” Jim said.

While the Allans found the memorial to be moving, they said that if they had the choice, they wouldn’t be staring down at Aaron’s name. They said they imagined that in a different world, Aaron would be visiting this memorial with them paying tribute to other fallen heroes.

“I stayed up many nights 40 years ago just trying to find out what I wanted to name my first son. Aaron means strength. I hope he continues to give it back to me,” Jim said.

Jim says he takes comfort in knowing his son’s name will be immortalized on the memorial. However, he says he hopes that Aaron’s sacrifice isn’t forgotten over time in Indiana. The Southport Police Department has promised to never let that happen.

President Trump thanked Lt. Allan during National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service. Watch the special tribute in the video below.

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