UPDATE: Rental company fixes AC for Army vets after FOX59 story

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UPDATE (May 17, 2018)– The morning after this story ran, the Copelands say a repairman showed up to fix their air conditioning. They were told it would be done by an outside contractor, but someone from the rental company showed up to do the repairs.

FOX59 has not heard from American Homes 4 Rent as to why the problem took so long to resolve.

Originals story:

FRANKLIN, Ind. — Two Army veterans in Franklin say they are sweltering after they claim the owners of their rental property won’t get around to fixing a broken air conditioner.

Jodi and Melissa Copeland moved into their house in February. However, it wasn’t until May, as temperatures began to climb, that they realized they needed a fix, but so far that hasn’t happened.

Now, in almost every room, there’s a fan that never stops blowing.

“With the heat indexes we’ve been having, it’s hotter in the house than it is outside,” said Jodi.

They say it has been like this for weeks.

“We’ve been without AC since the second of May,” said Jodi, who recently retired from the Army. Her wife, Melissa, is stationed at Camp Atterbury.

They say they’ve been calling their rental company, American Homes 4 Rent, to fix the problem since it started.

“We got online like they asked us to and filled out the work order request,” said Jodi.

The received a confirmation email in return on May 2, but said no one has come to make repairs.

“The property manager referred us to some person, I guess, that’s supposed to be in charge of maintenance,” said Jodi, “she still has not called us back or returned any of our phone calls.”

The couple says they are reaching their breaking point.

“Somebody needs to pick up the phone and call and say, ‘Hey, let’s get their AC fixed,’” said Melissa.

We tried several times today to get a hold of someone at American Homes 4 Rent, both locally and at their corporate office in California, but so far we’ve gotten no response.

The couple said they did get a call from a third-party vendor On Wednesday, who said someone would hopefully get to their house in the next day or so. The women said the issue should not have taken this long to yield a response.

“No it shouldn’t have and it shouldn’t have taken us to keep pestering and calling,” said Jodi.

As soon as we received a response from the rental company, this story will be updated to reflect any developments.

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