Oklahoma woman killed after getting attacked by pack of dachshunds

ARDMORE, OK – Police in Ardmore, Oklahoma are investigating after a woman was mauled to death by a pack of dachshunds.

Tracy Garcia, 52, was near her home on Thursday, May 7 when a pack of seven dogs attacked her, KXII-TV reports. She later died at the hospital.

Emergency crews were called to the scene, and one of the dogs charged at them; deputies fatally shot that dog. The other six dogs were taken to a local veterinary hospital where they were euthanized at the owner’s request.

The dogs were all dachshund mixes, according to Ardmore Animal Shelter’s euthanasia technician Amanda Dinwiddie. Six of the dogs are believed to be standard dachshund and terrier mixes, and one of the dogs was a standard dachshund border collie mix. The dogs ranged in age from 1 to 3-years-old.

Dinwiddie told KXII-TV the dogs were infested with fleas and ticks, but didn’t appear to have any other health issues.

It is unclear at this time what led to the attack, and it is still under investigation. The district attorney will determine whether any charges will be filed against the owner of the dogs.