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IN Focus: Donnelly on CIA vote, Senate opponent, Mueller probe

INDIANAPOLIS - Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) appeared on this week's edition of IN Focus, to discuss his vote to confirm incoming CIA director Gina Haspel and other key issues in the news.

In a statement last week, Donnelly announced he would be supporting her confirmation, becoming one of just a handful of Democrats to support the President's controversial pick.

“I had a tough, frank, and extensive discussion with Ms. Haspel on a wide range of topics, including her vision for the agency and how she would approach the job, as well as issues of detention and interrogation," said Donnelly. "It was a difficult choice, because obviously she’s not a perfect choice but she’s the choice before us."

Donnelly also responded to criticism from Senate opponent Mike Braun that he was 'playing politics' when considering some of President Trump's nominations.

"Hoosiers deserve a Senator who will stand up and lead, not a career politician who is constantly trying to evaluate whether a decision is right for re-election,” said Braun in a written statement last week.

"What it tells you is he basically doesn't have the slightest idea what he is talking about," said Donnelly in response to Braun's statement. "What you do is you review the facts, you review the information that comes before you."

Donnelly was also critical of Braun for stepping away from his seat in the General Assembly to run for U.S. Senate.

"It's about leadership, it's about getting things done," said Donnelly. "When I tell people I'm going to run, I work hard, I do my job. Mike Braun walked out in the middle of his second term on the people of Indiana, and I think that's a big difference."

A new poll released this past week shows Braun and Donnelly in a virtual dead heat, with Braun holding a one-point lead.

In the video above, Donnelly is also asked about the Mueller probe reaching its one-year mark, and whether the President should sit down with the special counsel.

And in the video below, Donnelly also discusses National Police Week in Washington DC and a proposed bill being discussed in Congress that would work to protect pensions.