Indianapolis Zoo welcomes new long-tailed macaques

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Meet the newest members of the Indianapolis Zoo – long-tailed macaques! The Indianapolis Zoo is the only zoo in North America where you can see them.

They are in a new exhibit in the oceans area. The zoo says they are a good fit there because the monkeys are native to southeast Asia and swim their entire lives.

“Long-tailed macaques are actually one of the only monkeys that will swim their entire lives. Swim for fun, escape predators or go down and hunt for food. They will eat crabs and things like that,” said Michelle Shaw, primate area manager. “The most unique thing about them is that they swim. Being the monkeys that swim they’ll dive down in the water. No other monkeys can really do that. We hope they do that a lot.”

The zoo says they have six males and 23 females. Their exhibit officially opens to the public this weekend.

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