Thieves steal golf cart from youth football league

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Thieves targeted a youth football league in Franklin Township, breaking into a shed and stealing a golf cart.

It happened Thursday night. The golf cart is the only one the Franklin Township Football Club owns and it’s their most expensive piece of equipment.

“We just want it for our league, it serves a bigger purpose,” said Andy Lutz, the group's president.

The parking lots are far from the fields. The golf carts are used every game to give elderly fans and those with disabilities a ride from the parking lot to the football fields.

“It’s primary use during game days was to help those who have a hard time walking on this type of terrain,” said Lutz.

Since you can’t see the football fields or the sheds from the road, officials think the thieves had been to the grounds before. It’s possible the thieves had been to a game or had simply scoped out the property beforehand.

“It’s hard to imagine that someone just happened to come across these sheds and that’s really disappointing as well,” said Lutz.

The shed was locked and the keys were not left in the golf cart.

“It’s secured, this is padlocked on and you can’t get this gate off without this bar off,” Lutz said.

The golf cart is only a couple years old. About 500 football players, cheerleaders, parents and community members helped raise money to buy it.

“We’re not looking to go after anybody. We’d just love to have it back so we can use it for the league,” said Lutz.

League officials are discussing the possibility of adding security cameras or even storing some of their equipment away from the site.

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