Noblesville prayer vigil gives hope to community

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind.- The Noblesville community is coming together just one day after a student and a teacher were shot, allegedly by another student, inside Noblesville West Middle School.

Seventh grade science teacher Jason Seaman, who was shot while trying to disarm the shooter, allegedly another student, is out of the hospital and at home recovering. Officials also say 13-year-old Ella Whistler is still in critical condition at Riley Hospital, but is making improvements.

At a prayer vigil Saturday evening in Noblesville, it was apparent how raw the pain still was.

"There’s a lot of people I don’t know, but there’s a lot of people I do know,” said student Anneliese Jessee, “but I do know that they all care."

Hundreds of families, many from Noblesville and others from elsewhere, gathered at the vigil as one.

“I just think it’s cool that all of us can come together after something like this happens and support Jason and Ella,” said student Nickolas Johnson.

Seaman spoke Saturday with Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R).

"He had a smile from ear to ear, he was very strong,” said Brooks, “he was thanking law enforcement."

Whistler is also said to be improving, according to officials.

“Because of the good Lord, and very talented hands, that Ella is stable and is going to be able to live a very full life,” said Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (R).

It was good news the people of Noblesville needed to hear, with many still in shock over what happened Friday morning.

"This, I think, will help them get together and get over it,” said parent Kimberly Jessee, “and be able to face next week maybe."

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