New bar on Mass Ave is serving up IV infusions full of vitamins

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -  There's a new bar on Mass Ave., but they're not serving up drinks.

This bar is dishing out IV vitamin infusions. That's right, you can just pop in to Vitality IV bar and the staff will set you up with an IV drip full of nutrients.

IV bars aren't new. They're more popular in party places like Vegas or Los Angeles. It's been dubbed "the hangover cure" but the owners of Vitality IV bar say it's much more than that.

From a prick to a drip -- clients just sit back and relax while this IV bag infuses their body with nutrients.

"Your body can only absorb 20% of the vitamins you take orally so if you can get those vitamins through your IV, you're getting them and you can absorb 100% of them," co-owner, Brandon Coryell said.

Vitality IV bar sits on Mass Ave. in the midst of restaurants and bars. Coryell says he wanted to bring health and wellness to one of the most popular areas downtown Indy.

The IV bags come in 13 different vitamin cocktails. Like brain focus, re-hydration and even a libido boost.

"From then we only use vitamins, minerals and amino acids so all of those are water soluble so there's not any vitamins, minerals, or amino acids that we use that you can have too much of," Coryell said.

Doctors say while even they use IV infusions as a common treatment there's some hesitation to having this done outside the hospital.

"Then they might just mask the underlying problem rather than getting to the root of the issue. Some of those things could be pulmonary edema, volume overload, allergic reactions," IU Health Emergency Medicine Dr. Grant Chernoby said.

Owners here say a medical director oversees clients and nurses or paramedics administer the IV.

In some cities, many people commonly use it to help tackle a hangover. But Coryell says it's much bigger than that.

"You can come in after drinking and getting an iv one of our iv hydration sessions you're going to feel better but it's not a cure for hangover."

IV cocktails range from $100 to $260 and there’s even a monthly membership option.