Woman finally wins fight to get unstable storage barn out of backyard

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A woman fighting to get an unstable storage barn out of her backyard finally got her wish, as the company who sold it to her showed up to pick it up and give her most of her money back.

FOX59 has been working with Carol Tyler since last year, when she said complaints to the Indiana Attorney General and Better Business Bureau had gone unanswered and left her stuck.

Tyler bought the storage barn from Custom Built Barns in Kokomo last summer, near her workplace. She paid the company to install it in her backyard in Indianapolis, but they claimed they did not know it would be sitting on a large hill.

Despite paying for extra leveling services, Tyler showed FOX59 where the barn was balancing on a combination of cinder blocks, pieces of wood, and even shingles.

"I'm just hoping it (doesn't) fall," Tyler said then.

FOX59 tried multiple times to get in touch with the owner of Custom Built Barns, both in phone and in person. He never responded to our requests. Reached by phone, his sister said the company was sick of Tyler and their lawyer told them not to respond to her complaints.

Tyler didn't give up, though.

"I had a couple attorneys tell me, 'You’re not going to get any money back, the most you can get back is this amount.' I told them no, no, no," Tyler said.

Eventually, Tyler filed in small claims court and at a hearing, a judge urged the two parties to strike a deal.

"He was like, 'Well, maybe y’all need to step outside and talk to one another," Tyler said.

The company's owner agreed to come take the barn out of Tyler's yard and refund her money, minus the amount it cost to build and remove the barn. In the end, Tyler received almost all of her money back and watched as a crew showed up in early May to take the barn away.

"I just stood there and I looked and I said, 'Boy, it is gone, and my backyard looks like a backyard now," Tyler said.

Tyler told FOX59 she plans to buy another storage barn eventually, but next time she'll go with a different company and be sure they come to survey her property first.

"June 13th ... would've been a year that barn would've been on my property," Tyler said. "I'm happy."

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