Indy neighborhood to celebrate ‘Halloween in June’ for 5-year-old with terminal brain cancer

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Neighbors in the Meridian Park neighborhood are bringing out Halloween decorations, costumes and candy for a young girl with terminal brain cancer.

Halloween will come early this year for 5-year-old Aurelia Gwaltney who has been fighting brain cancer for most of her life.

"We're facing the end of her life and are just trying to enjoy time with her as she's fought for more than half of her life," said Aurelia's mother, Candace Gwaltney. "For more than two years, she's fought cancer."

Gwaltney said her daughter loves every holiday, especially Halloween. So, her and her husband posted on Facebook, asking neighbors if they'd help celebrate Halloween a few months ahead of schedule.

"We're just trying to do as many fun things we can for her right now and make really great memories," she said.

Neighbors quickly responded and now more than 30 families are getting ready for 'Halloween in June'.

"This neighborhood does a good job with supporting each other anyways, but I'm really astounded by how quickly this came together and how happy everybody was to be a part of it," said neighbor, Spencer Valentine.

5-year-old Aurelia

"It's just really incredible the amount of love and kindness," said Gwaltney. "That's kind of the big thing from this journey with Aurelia, is seeing how kind and thoughtful people are- people we know, people we don't know."

Aurelia is still deciding on a costume for Saturday but is looking forward to the candy, decorations and celebrating her favorite holiday.

"That's all we wanted was for Aurelia to be able to have more fun opportunities, to just be a kid and that's what this Halloween in June is all about."

Aurelia celebrating Halloween

The Halloween festivities will take place in the Meridian Park neighborhood on Saturday, June 2 from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

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