Hot and humid air stays away until late week

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It certainly shaped up to be a picture perfect day!

Temperatures were cooler but we managed to keep the 80° streak alive. This is now the 16th 80° day in a row. Plus, it is also the 34th straight day above average.

Perhaps the best news of the day, has been the dew point temperatures. This evening they are sitting in the mid 40’s.

That’s a huge chance from where we were yesterday evening.

It will be a cooler but comfortable night with temperatures falling to the mid to upper 50’s by early tomorrow morning.

If you liked today, you’ll probably enjoy tomorrow. It will seasonable with lots of sunshine and low humidity, again. A great day to get to the lawn.

However, wear the sunblock. Tomorrow’s UV index is very high again.

We have a few chances for rain this week, but it’s not a lot. Hot and humid air returns by late week and better chances for rain arrive early into the weekend.

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