Service dog gets picture in elementary school yearbook

Florida service dog Linda -picture courtesy of Dean Stewart photography

ORANGE CITY, Florida –  A service dog was honored with a picture inside a yearbook at a elementary school in Florida.

Linda, a therapy companion for one of the students, has been so liked at Orange City Elementary, that the students and staff wanted to do something to remember her time with them. So they came up with the idea of putting her picture in the school yearbook along with the rest of the class.

Linda is a service dog to 11-year-old Rachel Race. Her teacher says the pooch has become like another student and decided to include her as part of the class.

Rachel’s mother, Heidi Race, said Linda loves helping all children.

“She will be there to help with tests when the kids start to get a little anxious or nervous,” Heidi Race said. “She picks up on it.”

For Rachel, Linda is a more than a therapy dog.

“Basically, she’s my best friend,” Rachel said. “Basically, it’s me, her and family.”

One of the yearbook photos show Linda in Orange City Elementary shirt and another with a navy polo. The school also awarded Linda with her very own faculty badge and a plaque to thank her for her service.