Customer robbed, shot on camera outside Indy gas station

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Indianapolis police are searching for three people involved in an early morning robbery and shooting.

The gunfire took place at a Marathon gas station near Shelby St. and Pleasant Run Parkway leaving an Indianapolis man hospitalized.

The shooting victim came to the gas station to buy some lottery tickets, but as he walked across the parking lot, he got ambushed by armed thieves.

Cameras were recording as the 55-year-old man wearing yellow began to walk home, when suddenly two gunmen armed with handguns run up behind him, began going through his pockets and forced him to the ground.

During the next 20 seconds, the victim would find himself assaulted and shot in the upper leg and groin.

The pair of crooks then ran back to the SUV, jumped in the passenger side and sped away leaving the victim bleeding in the parking lot.

The clerk inside quickly called 911 and police showed up to investigate.

Fortunately, cameras were also rolling minutes before the shooting when the getaway driver got out of the SUV and walked inside the store.

That driver can be seen casually standing in line behind the eventual victim, who had just bought his lottery tickets. Just a few moments before the violent attack, the driver smiled and had a candid conversation with the clerk.

He then walked back to the SUV and got into the driver seat, waiting for the unsuspecting customer to come outside.

The good news is the 55-year-old was listed in good condition and is expected to survive the violent attack.

The store's owner hopes someone knows who shot his customer and gets them off the streets before they rob anyone else.

Anyone with information on the three suspects seen in the surveillance video is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.