New app helps central Indiana homeowners find someone to mow their lawn

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- This is the time of year you want to enjoy the outdoors, but if you have to do yard work, you could end up doing more sweating than enjoying.  That's where a brand-new app for central Indiana comes in.  It's called GreenPal.

"I heard about the app recently and so I tried it and love it.  I had mowed my yard once this year in the muggy conditions, and it wasn't much fun, plus it took me a couple hours," said James Mendenall, GreenPal user.

The GreenPal app is new to Indianapolis. It is something homeowners are already using and so are vendors who cut lawns. Vendors tell FOX59 it makes their job easier and the same is true for their customers.

"The big thing is the convenience of the app. It works kind of like an Uber service. The homeowner basically requests someone to come do their yard, looks at the bids and reviews, and once accepted, the work gets done," said Craig Russell, owner of ACR Lawn Care.

The app hooks up vendors like ACR Lawn Care with homeowners.  GreenPal is now in almost 30 markets around the country, with Indianapolis being the latest.

"The homeowner actually engages the whole process. You just download our GreenPal app, put in your name and address and whatever services you want done.  Then it will alert all the pre-screened vendors in the area that there's a new lawn up for bid," said Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal.

Generally, lawn care providers will reach out to the homeowner, and they'll work out a time to get the work done. Mendenhall put in his information and says it didn't take long for something to happen.

"It was really fast.  Within an hour, I got three different bids and I just picked the lowest bid with the highest rating and that's how I did it," said Mendenhall.

So there's still the all-important question about cost. What's the average cost for the lawn service? Nationwide it's $42. Mendenhall's's lawn was about $50 because it's bigger with several different areas fenced in.

But there's another convenience, according to the vendors.

"The homeowner doesn't need to be home. They can just schedule everything on the app, the time, the day, and what they want done. They can also give a brief description of what the property is like and what specifically needs to be done," said Russell.

If a homeowner doesn't like the work, GreenPal does give the homeowner the ability to dispute a charge, and normally the vendors will simply go back out and fix whatever was needed to keep customers happy. If you're curious about where the green comes from to keep GreenPal running, they get 5% from the vendor.

"I've used the service several times now, and when the work gets done, the vendor sends a time-stamped picture of the lawn and then the payment is taken out within 24 hours," Mendenhall said. "It's very easy and hassle free, and is definitely worth the two hours it was taking me to push-mow my lawn."

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