Reggie Wayne’s coaching role comes full circle with Colts

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One of the greatest Colts in franchise history is now making an impact on its future.

“Being able to come back and see T.Y. and see Andrew, it’s like, I’m not that far removed,” Reggie Wayne said with a wide grin. “You know sometimes I feel like I can go out there and suit up and play. My body may say different.”

Wayne wrapped up his 14-year career with the Colts in 2014, and the Super Bowl champion returned just this spring as volunteer receivers coach.

“By me not being that far removed, these guys actually saw me play. It’s not just, ‘I played with you in Madden,’” Wayne said with a laugh. “They feel like they can open up to me more than they would a normal coach.”

It started with a phone call from Colts head coach Frank Reich. Wayne’s one-time position coach spent a week convincing him to try help a young group of wide receivers.

"It's like its coming back full circle,” he admitted.

But 87 found himself back in that receiving role this week when Andrew Luck threw his first public passes in months.

"All of a sudden he said, 'Reg, just like old times. Let's do it.’ And I’m like yeah, just that was some good times, and he said, 'no man let's catch some passes.’”

"I was excited about it, not just because he was actually throwing, but out of all these guys he could have thrown to that he picked me. And not only that, the ball had some power behind it."

And it's not just what he's seen in Luck's throws that has him confident 12 will be ready for the season.

"I know he feels like he let a lot of people down not being able to be out there last year, so I know he's going to come in with a chip on his shoulder."

“When he was out there the other day, I think he lifted the spirits of every body, not just coaches but players, so I think Colts fans ought to be excited now, we got our guy back,” Wayne said with a smile.

After wrapping up mini-camp, Wayne looks forward to spending the summer with his family, weighing his options on which role he'll take this fall, perhaps a return to coaching or as a TV analyst. However, Colts fans are guaranteed to see him again at Lucas Oil Stadium when he's inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor in November.

"Even though in my head I feel like a Hoosier, this here is going to solidify it. For me if this is it, I'm satisfied."

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