Carmel mayor recognizes day for 10-year-old who LOVES roundabouts

CARMEL, Ind.– A 10-year-old boy who loves roundabouts is being recognized by the city that’s internationally known for them.

On Monday, Jack Feldman was invited by the Carmel Engineering Department to inspect the construction for the new roundabout at Main Street and Gray Road.

To celebrate his 10th birthday, Mayor Jim Brainard named the project the “Jack Feldman Roundabout for the Day”.

“It’s really exciting to see a young man age 10 get that excited about roundabouts and why we build them,” said Mayor Brainard. “He has acquired a lot of knowledge about roundabouts; the safety statistics and how we are able to reduce injury accidents by 80 percent.”

Feldman has become a familiar face with city engineers for his interest and enjoys designing roundabouts in his spare time. Last year, he stopped by the Carmel Engineering Department where he shared a presentation he created on the benefits of roundabouts.

His fascination with roundabouts started when he worked on a school project last year. He studied more than one hundred roundabouts around Carmel. He even traveled through every roundabout to get an idea of the various designs.

"If I see something in an interchange on the highway that looks kind of crazy, I draw it," said Feldman. "Like down in Bloomington, they’re making this whole new highway and every interchange is roundabout, roundabout, roundabout. So, I started drawing. Sometimes it’s just a simple line, circle, line, line, line. Sometimes it’s really detailed, like the road’s divide here and everywhere.”

Last year, Feldman dressed up as a roundabout for Halloween.

The 10-year-old has an interest in a career in civil engineering and wants to work for the city of Carmel after college.

"We keep telling people, ‘don’t you dare try to steal him from us because we want first rights and refusal on hiring Jack when he’s done with engineering school,'" said Joshua Kirsh, Engineering Administrator for the City of Carmel. "I suspect that this will be the beginning of a really cool story later on about Jack."

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