Car veers off road, crashes into Speedway apartment building

Crews at scene on June 21, 2018

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Only minor injuries were reported after a driver crashed into an apartment building on the west side.

According to the Speedway Fire Department, emergency responders were called to “The Legend at Speedway” apartments around 11:20 p.m. Wednesday after a driver lost control and crashed into a building.

While they were waiting for help to arrive so they could pull the car out, the vehicle caught fire. Crews were quickly able to contain it.

“We were waiting for about 10 minutes for resources to get here, the car caught the contents of the apartment on fire,” said Battalion Chief Jeff Hartman with the Speedway Fire Department.

Firefighters said two people suffered minor injuries, including a child who was inside the apartment.

The driver told police she lost control because of a crash near 22nd and Lynhurst and veered off the road.

“She said she was hit here at the corner and maybe swerved to avoid it or glanced and ended up in the apartment,” Hartman said.

Victim Assistance was called to help the people who live in the apartment find a place to stay.