Avon police looking for vandals throwing rocks, concrete at vehicles

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AVON, Ind. – Police are looking for the vandals who threw rocks or concrete at vehicles. Drivers had shattered windshields, dents and busted windows.

“(I) heard this great bang, almost like a small explosion, said vandalism victim Jerry Dickinson.

On Wednesday night around 10 o’clock, someone around Dan Jones Rd. near E. US 36 was passing by cars and throwing objects at drivers. Avon police got at least four reports in less than two hours.

“It would be naïve to suggest that they are not. Obviously, to have this type of thing happen in such a tight time frame, in a very specific geographical area, we certainly have every reason to believe it’s the same individuals or persons responsible for that,” police said.

A couple drivers shared pictures of the damage done to their cars. One 21-year-old had piles of shattered glass in the backseat from a busted window. A woman showed FOX 59 a picture of her windshield with a clear mark in the center.

“It’s really a scary moment in terms of something you wouldn’t expect," said Suketu Patel, a vandalism victim.

Patel is an IUPUI student who was hit while he was driving with friends. He now has dents and scratches on the side of his car.

“I don’t know why anyone would do something like this. They should know this could cause damage to a life rather than a car,” said Patel.

Police and victims are warning these vandals they need to stop before someone gets hurts.

“One day, you’re going to realize this could’ve been your mom and dad and it could’ve hurt them quite severely or someone else. No one really thinks you’re cool,” said Dickinson.

Investigators are still working to finalize a description of the suspect’s vehicle. If you know anything that could help catch these vandals, call Avon police at 317-272-4485.

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