Lawrence man has multiple vehicles stolen from driveway

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LAWRENCE, Ind. - A Lawrence man says someone took off with his car during the middle of the night and this isn't the first time he's had vehicles stolen from his driveway.

Kenneth Williams said he woke up Thursday morning to find his 2006 black Dodge Charger was gone.

"I have both sets of my keys. They can't start that vehicle without the code in the key," Williams said.

Williams believes the thieves smashed a window, then used a wrecker to tow the car away.

2006 Black Dodge Charger

To get to this car, the suspects needed to move a truck out of the way. Williams said the suspects disconnected the transmission linkage and rolled his 2004 Chevy Silverado into the street.

Strangely enough, that truck was also once stolen. In 2015, suspects also stole it from his driveway. He admits, he left the keys in the car. He got it back days later, but it was trashed.

2004 Chevy Silverado

"It was about $4,000 worth of damage," Williams said. He added, "the bumper, grill, hood, was smashed up, had to be replaced, lights."

Even more shocking, he had yet another car stolen in 2012. A 1991 Chevy Pickup was also parked in his driveway. The doors were locked and the keys were in his hands.

"On my first truck, I was targeted because of the high performance parts and my Charger, too. I think it was targeted, because it's just a nice car and it's a desirable car for people to have," he said.

1991 Chevy Pickup

He never saw the Chevy pickup again. Williams believes the people stealing his vehicles could be professionals.

"These people know what they're going. They’re pretty crafty and clever and they know, they might even works as mechanics or whatever. They know exactly what to do," he said.

Police said while this situation is rare, they believe Williams is being targeted too.

"I work hard for everything I have and for someone to come along and take what belongs to me...I feel very violated," Williams said.

Police are investigating. If you spot a 2006 black Dodge Charger with license plate HW5243, give Lawrence police a call at 317-549-6404.

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