Prepare for a drastic rise in temperatures

Get ready! The heat is coming. As we head into the weekend, a new dome of hot air will be working its way across Central Indiana.

The dew point will make things uncomfortable as it rises to the mid 70’s. That coupled with the actual temperatures in the mid 90’s means we’re looking at heat index temperatures that could surge several degrees above 100.

This is an excellent time to remind everyone how quickly the temperature inside your car can rise. With temperatures we’re going to see late this week, after a mere 10 minutes the temperature inside your car can rise to 114°. Plus, they’ll continue to rise from there. Make sure to check your back seat for children and pets before leaving your car.

We have a long stretch of 90° heat ahead of us. While the heat peaks over the weekend, it will remain hot and humid through at least Wednesday, Independence Day.