Court docs: Man charged in fatal airborne crash had vodka in car, BAC 3 times legal limit

BEECH GROVE, Ind. – A 39-year-old accused of killing a man in a crash on June 22 had an open container of vodka in his car, according to court documents.

Aaron Henry was arrested last Friday. He faces several charges in connection with a fatal crash, including causing death when operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

The fatal crash occurred last Friday shortly before 5 a.m. on Emerson Avenue near I-465.

The investigation revealed a silver Nissan sedan exited from I-465 at a high rate of speed, went airborne, and crashed into 56-year-old Joseph Looney’s truck as he waited at the stoplight. Looney died at the scene.

A witness at the scene told police that when he banged on Henry’s window in the moments after the crash to see if he was okay, he saw henry reaching over with his right hand to the passenger side of the floorboard of the car as if he was concealing something.

Beech Grove medics arrived at the scene, and when they placed Henry in the ambulance, they noticed a strong odor of alcohol emanating from him. They said his speech was very slowed and slurred, and he had a hard time keeping his red, watery eyes open.

Police obtained a search warrant, and they found a large open bottle of Smirnoff on the passenger side floorboard.

According to court documents, Henry had a blood-alcohol level of 0.286, which is more than three times the legal driving limit of 0.08.

Image from scene on June 22, 2018

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