Best Buy phases out CD sales, will continue to sell vinyl records

Stock image/Getty

Browsing for CDs at Best Buy is a thing of the past—but you can still find vinyl records to look through.

The electronics chain is phasing out CDs, making good on a report from Billboard earlier this year that said Best Buy would pull compact discs from stores starting July 1.

Curiously, the retailer will continue to sell vinyl records for the next two years. The format has seen a resurgence in recent years.

One of the big reasons behind Best Buy’s decision to get rid of CDs is the popularity of subscription streaming music services like Spotify and Apple music.

It’s probably no surprise to Best Buy customers who’ve noticed shrinking CD sections in stores over the past few years.

The move went into effect nationwide on Sunday. We contacted the manager at an Indy-area Best Buy who said CDs will be available only through online sales from now on.

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