Here’s how to find holiday sale items for half price

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- If you're shopping for the holiday, check out the deals now, wherever you shop.  This is a great time of year for a wide variety of products, you can find at the grocery stores.   Many are not even food items.

"Just realize there are going to be major price cuts in the coming days at many stores.  Here at Kroger,  we're launching, thousands of products at lower prices for the 4th of July," said Eric Halvorson, Kroger spokesperson.

To find the deals, most stores have weekly online ads and in-store deals as well.  Just type in your store, and most will allow you to specify your location so you know what store has what items for sale.  The people at Kroger say, the time of year and all the stores competing is a bonus for consumers.  FOX59 went to the Kroger in Avon to check out some of the deals just starting to roll out.  Many items are more than 50 percent off.

"We have northwest cherries, which is our first of the season, for $1.69.  They were $3.99 a pound so that's about 60% lower than where prices were," said Ashley Checa, merchandising manager for District 2.

It's not just food for the holiday that's on sale.  All the items you'd typically need for a 4th of July party, picnic or BBQ are also on sale.  That includes items you might not think you can get at a grocery store.

"We have grills, for example, on sale and the outdoor furniture.  You'll see a 50 percent cut on what's in stock.  That's a major price change from just a couple days ago," said Halvorson.

Don’t forget pricing and deals often depend on which store you shop at and what they have in stock.  Many of the stores specifically match their inventory with what their customers at a given location tend to want.  Here are some additional examples of deals.  We found a seven-piece set of outdoor patio furniture that was $699.  It is now reduced to $350.  Furniture is heavily discounted this time of year, along with grills and the item grill masters need for their backyard bash.

"We know many of the grillers want charcoal to cook with.  In this case, we have a 15-pound bag of charcoal that's normally $9.99.  Right now, it's on sale for $4.99," said Checa.

Part of the reason for the big discounts at so many stories is because it's coming up on July 4th.  But it's also already back-to-school season in many stores.  That means summer goods are being moved out to make room for school supplies.  That includes a lot of what people often think of as summer foods you would grill.  Fresh cut steaks are another example of what you can find for much lower prices than normal.

"Typically on the 4th of July, people think about hamburgers and hot dogs.  We do have great deals on plenty of those items, but we also have this fun celebration of T-bone steaks for only $5.77 a pound.  That's a huge savings from the regular price of $12.99," said Checa.

Whatever you need for your backyard bash  don't forget to also check out your stores on-line site.  Many have digital discounts that you won't find in store.  And on the flip side, some stores have special deals for consumers who come in to shop, which are not found online.

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