Bullets fired into Bloomington apartment while mother, 3 children got ready for bed

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind.— A family of four was getting ready for bed when someone fired several gunshots into their Bloomington apartment.

“All of a sudden I hear this pop, pop, pop, like six times and each time my body jumped at it,” said Kacie Stephen, mother of three.

The siding of the Stephen’s apartment is pierced with bullet holes, and there’s proof some bullets even landed closer to the family. Stephen’s crockpot has a clear bullet hole through it.

“It was shaking the wall, and it shook where I was sitting at so I felt the vibrations, so I knew it was really, really close,” Stephen said.

Stephen didn’t realize just how close of a call it really was until the next morning when she found the shell casings in the yard and in her kitchen cabinets.

“My kids are always in the kitchen. I’m always in the kitchen. It could’ve shot right on through and hit somebody. That’s not cool. Guns aren’t a play toy. It’s a serious matter,” said Stephen.

Bloomington police are investigating the case. No arrests have been made at this time.

“This is my home with children in it. One shot is too many. This isn’t a target. My kids are here, and there are other kids around. This is dangerous, extremely dangerous,” Stephen said.

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