Family pleads for missing phone of daughter killed in northeast Indiana crash

Taylor Schnebelt/Photo from Facebook

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – The family simply wants the phone back.

Friday night, 27-year-old Taylor Schnebelt died in a fiery crash in northeast Allen County. She leaves behind two children: 6-year-old Chase and 10-month-old Tanner.

Schnebelt’s family told WPTA that her phone went missing after the accident. They believe someone has it because they received a call from her phone the day after the crash. They’re asking whoever has the phone to return it so they can get pictures and videos of Taylor for her children—precious memories that can’t be recreated.

According to WPTA, the phone call lasted eight seconds. Schnebelt’s father, Jason Linker, tried calling and texting back. He didn’t receive a response, although his phone told him the text message was successfully delivered.

“It’s a possibility the phone flew out of the vehicle, that’s what my own assumption is and that someone driving by the next morning found it. I don’t know for sure why they would call. You find a phone, you’re just going to take it,” Linker told WPTA.

The phone could also be in debris from the crash, the family said. Taylor didn’t turn on the “Find My Phone” feature, and family members said the phone company hasn’t been able to determine if her photos made it into cloud storage.

“The value of the phone means nothing. It’s the value of the pictures and the notes and the messages, just something we can hold onto. Our daughter’s obviously gone so we’re grasping for anything we can get to have memories because that’s ultimately what we have,” he said.

Taylor Schnebelt would have turned 28 on July 4.

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