Indy Animal Care Services at capacity, sees influx of strays after Fourth of July

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Fireworks are a trademark for the Fourth of July but can also cause pets to bolt.

This week, Indianapolis Animal Care Services is working to reunite families with their lost pets, which is considered the busiest time of the year for animal shelters.

"July 5 around the U.S. is the biggest stray day for animals coming in," said Kristin Lee, the spokesperson for Indy Animal Care Services. "We've already seen an influx of animals since last night and we expect to continue to see that, especially as the week goes on and as we go into the weekend."

Lee said the facility is at capacity with over 800 stray animals seeking shelter.

"We can house a little over 400," said Lee. "So, the rest of them, we are putting into foster and trying to get them adopted."

The Fourth of July holiday often sees an increase in missing and stray animals, due to the unfamiliar sound of fireworks.

"People really need to be mindful that for dogs, it’s super unfamiliar to them," said Lee. "They don’t know what that loud noise is, so it might frighten them."

Tips to protect your pet:

  • Bring pets inside
  • Provide pets with a "safe space," such as an area in the basement or bathroom
  • Close blinds

If you or someone you know is missing a pet, here's what you can do:

Indianapolis Animal Care Services is offering free adoptions through the end of July. These adoptions include microchipping, vaccinations, spray and neuter and heartworm testing.

"We are trying to bring as many people in as possible," said Lee. "If you can't adopt, there's still the option to foster. That frees up the cage for us, especially as strays continue to come in."

If you're interested in adopting or fostering an animal, click here.

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