Police: Ohio man transporting fireworks lights one inside car, causes large explosion

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DAYTON, Ohio – A man in Ohio is fighting for his life after a car explosion that officials believe was triggered by fireworks, WHIO-TV reports.

Emergency crews in Dayton were called to the scene of a burning car just after 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 4.

Witnesses say Keyshawn Rivers, 38, of Dayton, was inside a car when it exploded. He had to be pulled from the car, and he was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Several other people outside of the car also suffered minor injuries.

Investigators say Rivers had just purchased firework. WHIO-TV reports. He lit one inside of the car, and he tried to throw it out the window. But instead, it came back in the car and ignited the rest of the fireworks, causing a large blast.

Investigators say the blast was so intense, the airbags from a car parked across the street went off.

“Fireworks are extremely dangerous. They need to be handled with respect and they need to be handled professionally. Every year there are multiple injuries related to fireworks in the region,” said Dayton Bomb Squad Lt. Jason Hall.

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