Problems plague Indianapolis apartment complex

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An afternoon fire is bringing to light a long list of problems for a west side apartment complex. Crews managed to put out the blaze at the Addison Creek Apartments in about 20 minutes, but now residents tell FOX59 they have been complaining to management for months about problems that haven’t gotten fixed.

Authorities say a giant pile of old furniture that went up in flames around noon at the apartments, burning nearby units. One resident said the pile had been growing for weeks; in fact, she said she called the health department just hours before the fire to complain.

“They told me they would send an inspector out to look at the trash,” said resident Miandra Scrivener. "It’s pretty ridiculous that we have to live in an environment like this. We pay our rent, and we can’t even live healthy.”

One after another, residents told us stories of problems they say management won’t address.

“You can’t get an air conditioner fixed, you can’t get a light switch that’s sparking fixed, you can’t get nothing fixed,” said another resident who asked not to be identified.

“It makes me want to move,” added resident Andrew Brownlee, Jr.

In 2018, the Marion County Health Department said it has received 32 complaints about the complex. There have been 46 housing orders filed against management there, with 37 cases still open. The department files an order when repairs aren’t made in a timely fashion. There are also 13 open court cases involving the complex.

Management at the complex refused to comment, but passed us off to their corporate management. So far we have yet to receive a response.

City-County Councilor Marilyn Pfisterer (R) represents this district. On the phone Thursday, she said she’s heard about an uptick in issues there, but said a solution depends on the situation—adding that she did call management to find out more, but hasn’t heard back.

“This should not be taking place, when you have hardworking people who pay their bills on time,” said Brownlee, Jr.

Since 2016, two people have also been shot and killed there, adding to residents’ fears.

“It is not safe to live here,” said Brownlee, Jr.

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