Danville thief makes off with thousands in machinery

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DANVILLE, Ind. – A Danville business says it's out thousands of dollars after a thief made off with its trailer full of equipment.

Doug Miller, co-owner of Miller and Scott Property Management, says the trailer was stolen between 7 p.m. Tuesday evening and 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.

"It knocks you down a bit, but you got to keep going," said Miller, who is trying to put it out of his mind. "Stay busy so you don't think about it, or try to, but it's difficult to do."

He says the trailer was parked at the home of his business partner's mother. When his partner went to pick it up the next morning, it was gone.

Inside the trailer, Miller says there were weed eaters, backpack blowers, a stand behind mower, and three zero turn-radius riding mowers. He believes the total value was nearly $45,000.

A spokesman for the Danville Metropolitan Police Department says there are currently no suspects, but the investigation is ongoing.

The department's post on Facebook led to numerous tips about a white Ford F-150 pulling a similar trailer in Pittsboro Wednesday.

Police also say there were eye witness reports of a similar truck in Greencastle where a trailer was stolen earlier this week.

Despite the possible lead, Miller doubts he will see his stuff again.

“I honestly believe the stuff is in another state, or scrapped out, parted out," said Miller. "I have the mind set of, 'probably won’t get it back,' and if we do what kind of state is it going to be in?”

The company is now forced to buy all new equipment, hoping eventually it will be covered by insurance. In the meantime they are relying on the generosity of others.

“Had a lot of people from the community call and ask us if we needed anything, needed any help.”

Even their competitor let the business borrow a zero turn mower to help them continue work.

"When your competition calls you and says hey we’ll loan you something if you need it, that makes you feel pretty good.”

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