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Armed robbers target food delivery drivers in Cumberland

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CUMBERLAND, Ind. - Police are looking for the armed thieves targeting food delivery drivers. In a 24 hour time span, three employees were held at gunpoint and robbed.

Investigators received all three calls from the same Cumberland apartment complex off of Washington.

“To do it three times in a row, they know what they’re doing.  It’s just a matter of time,” said Chris Etherton, commander with the Cumberland Police Department.

Detectives say two men are ordering food to be delivered to a vacant apartment unit.  When the delivery driver arrives, the men pull out their guns, take all the driver’s cash and then take off.

Two times the driver was robbed at the apartment door.  The other time, the armed robbery happened in the parking lot. The apartment complex is less than a mile from the Cumberland Police Department.

“These days, criminals just don’t seem to care where they’re at or what they’re going to do,” said Commander Etherton.

Two times a pizza delivery driver was the victim.  In the third case, it was a Chinese restaurant. Police spent the day warning nearby restaurants about the recent robberies.

“This is a sudden rash. This isn’t typical for our town to have this kind of crime,” said Commander Etherton.

The first robbery happened around 10:30 Tuesday night.  The other two robberies happened in broad daylight.  One was reported around noon, the other around dinner time.

In each case, the thieves are getting away with less than $100.

“The penalty they will get after they are charged with it is far worse than what they’re actually getting. It’s not worth it,” explains Commander Etherton.

So far no shots have been fired and no one’s been hurt.  Police want these criminals posing as customers to know they’re watching.

“We’re looking for you. We’ll eventually catch up to you. It’s just a matter of time. They always get caught,” warns Commander Etherton.

Police tell FOX59 it’s still too early to tell if these robbers are connected to any other crimes in the area. If you know anything that could help detectives in this case, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-8477.

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