Hackers use Bloomington construction sign to protest ICE, new armored vehicle

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – An electronic road sign in Bloomington was hacked on Wednesday to protest ICE and the city’s new armored vehicle, WFIU reports.

The sign is located at the intersection of South Woodlawn Avenue and East Grimes Lane, according to WFIU.

It cycled between two messages, “ABOLISH ICEA” and “BURN THE BEARCAT.”

The “BEARCAT” is in reference to the armored vehicle purchased for the police department earlier this year. There were several public meetings and heated debates over the purchase of the truck.

Supporters argued it’s for the safety of everyone, but opponents thought it was too militarized.

The city ultimately moved on with plans to buy the $225,000 vehicle, and it was first unveiled to the public on Tuesday.

Bloomington Communications Director Yaël Ksander told FOX59 it was an act of vandalism.

“Yes I would confirm that this was an act of vandalism. But I think it’s important to note that we don’t know for sure what the vandal was referencing, though it’s safe to assume the BearCat reference has to do with the armored vehicle while the ICE reference does not. “

The message has now been removed from the sign.