Local police chief to get own show on Amazon Prime Video

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Southport Police Chief Tom Vaughn hasn’t always been comfortable with TV cameras. Despite that, Vaughn will be the star of “Ask Tom,” a new video series on Amazon Prime Video.

In the show, Vaughn will answer “police related” questions, such as what to do when pulled over, or basic tips on how to stay safe. Viewers can submit questions through an online form.

“We’re hoping to turn it a bit more towards law enforcement in general and the things that we’re seeing in the community and how can we fix those or work together in a partnership to fix those,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn says the general idea for the show was formed after he wanted to stay in touch with social media fans he made while running for sheriff. After a few key phone calls were made by the team helping to run the campaign, Amazon showed interest.

“Probably 12 hours later, we got the call saying we want to do this, so they called me and said are you good with that and I was like Amazon Prime!”

Vaughn says the show will also feature guests like Colts players and other celebrities. It will also highlight different areas of Southport and metro Indy.

In the end, Vaughn says he hopes the show helps to bridge the gap between police and civilians. While also showing the “human” side to law enforcement.

“It’s protect and serve, and we do a good job of protecting, we train really hard, but it’s that service part, what’s that mean to you, what’s that mean to me and how can we bridge that,” he said.

“Ask Tom” is expected to air on Amazon Prime Video this Friday.

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