Indiana animal rescuer wants answers after kittens found with mouths glued shut

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Photos courtesy of WTHI

LINTON, Ind. – An animal rescue group in the Wabash Valley area is searching for answers after two kittens were found with their mouths glued shut.

According to WTHI, the first kitten was found about two weeks ago by the president of S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue, Chantel Eaton. Eaton stopped at the Southside Express gas station in Linton when she noticed a kitten lying at her feet. She picked up the kitten and noted her face was covered in a strange, hard substance.

“I pick her up and her face is covered in black stuff and it’s hard, so we thought maybe it was tar or grease but it was real hard,” Eaton told WTHI. She later discovered the substance was glue, and it was all in the kitten’s mouth too.

“I start picking the glue, what I think is glue, off and I pull, it’s almost like a wad of silicone, rubbery stuff out of the roof of her mouth,” Eaton said.

Sadly, the kitten was unable to recover, and she passed away.

Just a week later, Eaton received a call about a second kitten with glue in its mouth in Sullivan, which is just one town over from Linton. The kitten is doing well after treatment and is expected to recover.

Eaton hopes police are able to track down the person torturing animals. “If you can do that to a cat, you’re going to do that to your kid, you’re going to do it to a person. You’re just a cruel person. You know if you can affect life that way, if you can harm anything there’s something wrong in your head,” Eaton said.

A GoFundMe page was created to collect donations for a reward.

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