Thinking about letting your pet goldfish loose in a pond or lake? This is what can happen

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indiana DNR’s Division of Fish and Wildlife is sending out a warning to goldfish owners.

In a post on the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Facebook page, a photo of a massive goldfish depicts what can happen when a pet goldfish is let loose in a pond or lake.

The post reads:

“What happens when you let your goldfish loose in a pond or lake? They get HUGE! They also breed prolifically with other orphaned goldfish and Common Carp, becoming easily detrimental to a body of water. They can overpopulate and outcompete native fish throwing the food chain off balance, decrease diversity, and allow opportunities for other invasive species.

Please rethink the responsibility of owning a goldfish and what to do with it when it becomes too much to take care of. You will be doing your native fish and waterbodies a huge service by doing so!”

Courtesy of Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife, @INfishandwildlife

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