Healthy meals without a hefty price

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Twice a week, the grill is going at KingCal Kitchen in Carmel.  Business is growing as more people hear about the place and its service, so they may add a third day of cooking to give customers more food that's as fresh as possible.

"My mom is the chef and I promise you, she has great taste.  She makes healthy food taste unhealthy, if you know what I mean," said Dr. Hamed Nouri, CEO of KingCal Kitchen.

You'd expect positive comments from the owners of the place, but you'll also find plenty of those on their Facebook and Instagram pages.  Customers who get their food seem to love it.

"I eat it every day, so I mean I haven't gotten bored yet.  It's been four months now and all the meals taste amazing.  I'm the owner of the U-Fit in Carmel and I've also introduced our clients to this place so they have access to healthy and great tasting meals," said Molly Perry, owner of U-Fit in Carmel.

So,  mom is the cook, the Nouri brothers run the business, and the customers are just trying to eat healthy.  Many also take part in fitness competitions now that they have a good base of nutrition.

"No matter what I did, I kept gaining weight.  I was up about 55 pounds.  It wasn't fun and it wasn't changing," said Rebecca McClain.

Rebecca heard about King Cal and the owners.  One of the owners, Hamed Nouri was a pharmacist.  He helped start the business on Rangeline Road in 2015.

"I tried to find another way to help the community stay fit.  I worked as a pharmacist and wanted to give my patients a way to stay healthy that doesn't involve medications," he said.

The menu at KingCal is extensive.  For example, you can choose from white meat, seafood, red meat, breakfast, vegan or just snacks.  The cost per meal averages about $8, but the price drops if you get a plan.

"All of our meals are fresh. We don't freeze our meals.  We cook twice a week and have the meals ready to go in the refrigerators for people stopping by.  Some people just come in, others order it, and many have it shipped to them," said Sam Nouri, president of KingCal Kitchen.

There are dozens of examples of the food on their website.  One example meal is tilapia, a baked potato and grape tomato for $8.99.  There's also a salmon meal for the same price.  Every customer seems to have their favorite.

"The chicken kabbob is probably my favorite and it comes on a bed of rice with grilled tomato. It's really tasty," said Donald Thomas, a former player for the Indianapolis Colts.

After football, Thomas started his own business, gained weight and didn't have time to eat healthy.  Now he is in great shape.

"It's very easy.  I literally just go to my fridge, take out a meal, pop it into the microwave for two minutes and it's then ready to go.  You eat it and, you know, it's just guiltless eating," said Thomas.

"It's healthy food. It's very clean food.  It's like if you went to the grocery store, got the food and cooked it yourself, but we do all that for you," said Sam Nouri.

Many customers say KingCal helps them save time and money.

"Actually, I have saved a lot of money and time.  I used to live in Indy when I started eating their meals, but now I'm in Michigan.  I wasn't in great shape before this food, but now I'm feeling great.  Hamed actually ships me my meals bi-weekly.  He puts them in a cooler and it always comes in on time," said customer Omar Mohammed.

Shipping is a little extra cost, but not much.  The more you order, the lower the price.

"I mean literally for two years  I have been on the program and eat these meals 95% of the time and the food is great," said customer Mike Adams.

Adams is 55 year old and doesn't tire of the taste.  He's also not tired of his gains at the gym.  Eating healthy has upped his bench press to 325 pounds! And while Adams has gained strength, let's get back to Rebecca McClain who was having trouble with her weight.

"Since going on the program, I've lost 55 pounds, I feel so much better.  And I'm getting ready to do my first bikini competition, so it's really been a great, a great journey for me," she said.

Hamed Nouri, who is also a fitness competitor, likes to personally consult with clients for free and tailor their meals.  Customers can also order online on their own.  KingCal offers catering as well.

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