REVIEW: The Equalizer 2

Review by Dustin Heller

Denzel Washington is back as a retired CIA vigilante in The Equalizer 2.  The movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua, who also directed Denzel in his Oscar-winning performance in Training Day along with the first Equalizer movie.  Fun fact: The Equalizer 2 marks the first time Denzel has ever starred in a sequel to one of his own movies.  The rest of the cast includes Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders, Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman, to name a few.  The Equalizer 2 is rated R by the MPAA for brutal violence throughout, language and some drug content.

Ex-CIA Black Ops agent Robert McCall lives alone in his city apartment and earns a living as a Lyft driver.  He mostly keeps to himself but looks out for a few good friends in times of need.  When he finds out that his longtime friend and co-worker Susan Plummer has been brutally murdered while on the job, he takes it upon himself to track down her killers and seek vengeance.  He knows he can’t do this alone, so appeals for help from his old partner, Dave York.  Dave was with Susan the day she was murdered, so he is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to track down those responsible.  Along the way, Robert is forced to face his past and he might not like what he sees.

Let me start the review portion by saying that I am a huge fan of the original movie but somewhat leery of a sequel.  The thing I loved the most about the first one was how Denzel’s character was more or less invincible.  He was always two steps ahead of everyone and I didn’t want to see that change for any reason.  That said, my reservations were put at ease because he is the same bad man that he was in the original.

Forget about just one sequel–let’s greenlight another 10 of these movies. I can’t get enough.  Granted, I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the first, but it is still very entertaining and just a lot of fun.  The storyline isn’t groundbreaking and it’s even slow at times, but it’s really about showcasing another top-flight performance by one of the greatest actors of his generation.

Fans of the first movie will rejoice because The Equalizer 2 is more of the same–and by more of the same, I mean some serious butt kickin’.  This is a great summer popcorn movie that is best seen on the big screen.

Grade: A-

The Equalizer 2 opens in theaters on Friday, July 20


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