Butch Coleman’s memory lives on through youth football program after duck boat tragedy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - We are learning more about the Coleman family, who lost their lives after their duck boat capsized in Branson, Missouri.

“The world needs to know what was lost that day on that boat and to lose his whole family. His wife, his daughter, his son, and grandkids,” said MG Dad’s Club Youth Football league president Anthony King.

Butch Coleman was part of a youth football league where he helped coach and mentor hundreds of kids. The 70-year-old may be gone, but the impact he left on the community is not going anywhere.

“It still kind of feels unreal. You just go numb,” said King.

Butch was a coach and the vice president of the MG Dad’s Club Football League for 40 years. He coached and mentored more than 300 athletes each year and helped shape each one into who they are today.

“We were not just co-workers he was a friend. A father figure, a mentor, a good man. I just had one more conversation with him I would just tell him to thank you…for everything,” said King.

Butch was Anthony King’s coach.

King is now the president of the league. King sat down on the same field where he met Butch more than 20 years ago, a man he says shaped him into where he is today. He gathered the players for the first time to tell them all at once that coach Butch was gone. 

“I want to thank him for showing me how it is done because you did not have to tell me, you showed me. I would tell him to thank you…for everything,” said King.

More than 300 kids take part in the league every year. They all know about Butch and that will never change.

"It's like a tough team that helps out people so this team will remember like how Coach Butch died. We will carry out his dream to keep this organization running," said player, Brandon Wilson.

“You can not erase history,” said King.

Funeral arrangements for Butch are expected in the coming days.

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