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Wayne County officers pull patient away from ambulance before explosion

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RICHMOND, Ind. - Three officers in Wayne County are credited for pulling a patient away from an ambulance before it exploded. They responded to an accident on U.S. 40 earlier this month and it quickly became a very dangerous call.

Fayette County EMS said their EMT driver swerved off the road to avoid hitting a deer. Wayne County deputies Brandon Krofta and BJ Skaggs and Centerville Police Officer Adam Buckley said the ambulance was on fire when they arrived.

An EMT reportedly told them oxygen tanks were inside the vehicle, but a paramedic and patient could not make it up the embankment to safety. The officers quickly ran in to help.

"45 seconds, 30 seconds delay and we could have been down there at the ambulance," said Skaggs.

The officers said the ambulance exploded less than a minute after they got up the embankment. There is not much left of the ambulance. Fayette County EMS said the EMT driver and paramedic are now at home recovering. Wayne County Sheriff's Office said the patient passed away over the weekend.

"We look back and think what could we have done different," said Buckley.

Sheriff Jeff Cappa was proud of these three men for running into danger. The officers felt they were just doing their jobs.

"There was not really any thought of should we or should we not," said Skaggs.

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