Linebacker Najee Goode, IndyStar’s Zak Keefer join us for Colts Camp Live

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WESTFIELD, Ind. -- The Indianapolis Colts are going through training camp in Westfield, and we're back for another episode of Colts Camp Live.

Join the Indy Sport Central team and analysts from the IndyStar as they talk about everything Colts-related, from Andrew Luck's status to the new draft picks, the new coaching staff and position battles.

IndyStar's Zak Keefer joined us live, along with linebacker Najee Goode.

Goode said he's excited to be with the Colts after last year's Super Bowl.

"It [Super Bowl] gave me an insight to what can be done and what we can achieve. And it’s not like we had the craziest Philadelphia team that there ever was – we just had a team that would work together and that’s one of the things Frank brings here and it’s something I’m very familiar with. And the thing about being a vet to the younger guys, is they can watch me,” he said.

He said the keys for the defense this year will be speed and mentality.

“Speed on our defense. We’ve got a lot of athletic players and I know they lost a lot of close games last year, and when it comes to that – it’s just about finishing," said Goode. "That’s one of the huge things we harp on this year and harping on right now is finishing – finishing to the ball and finishing through our man.”

Goode is also working to get the rookies on board.

“Before even touching the field it’s the mentality. We got to create that monster, that Colt defense everyone was used to seeing with Freeney and Mathis. We’ve got guys like Javal and Basham and the rookies we drafted are unbelievable and it’s about mentality. Guys like Malik coming back and TJ and Mathias, you know we want to be great,” he said.

Keefer said Andrew Luck has been looking good and today was his best day.

“I thought today was his [Andrew Luck] best day. He’s coming off a really, really solid performance in the Sunday night practice where he pretty much lit up the defense for two hours. Today was more of the same – he did have one interception, but I charted him at 22 for 33.

“The one take away is he’s throwing deeper, and he’s got plenty of zip on those long throws. He threw a beauty on an out-route to TY which he was doing Sunday. So every single day that he stacks on each other – one, it’s great to be back on the field and not have a setback with the shoulder, but two as he does more, and more, and more, that’s really good.”

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