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Testing shows Franklin schools have trace amounts of dangerous chemicals in soil

FRANKLIN, Ind. – After a disagreement between state health officials and parents in Franklin regarding a possible pediatric cancer cluster, the district announced only trace amounts of dangerous chemicals in their soil.

This comes after the group “If It Was Your Child” pointed out there have been 50 pediatric cancer cases in Johnson County, 23 of which were in Franklin.

Rhinehart helped start the group “If It Was Your Child” after her 13-year old daughter, Emma Grace Findley, died of a rare form of brain cancer, and Stacie Davidson, after her stepson, Zane, successfully battled Leukemia.

The district hired EnviroForensics to collect and test six soil samples last week at Webb Elementary School and Needham Elementary School. They say trace levels of volatile organic compounds, some of them known carcinogens like TCE and PCE, were discovered.

The amounts were all significantly below the health protective levels. Air samples collected near the schools came back as non-detect.

Officials said students will be returning to both Needham and Webb on August 8.