Thief steals at least 30 firearms from gun store in small town of Cloverdale

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CLOVERDALE, Ind. - Police in Cloverdale are searching for a thief after someone broke into a gun store and stole nearly 30 guns.

The break-in happened sometime over the weekend in the Putnam County small town.

The small gun store called Guy’s Gun Locker closed for business Saturday night and stayed closed all day Sunday and Monday.

During that time, someone broke into the business and stole at least 30 guns and maybe more.

Those stolen firearms include a number of handguns, as well as some high powered rifles.

The ATF has been called in to help provide an exact inventory of the stolen weapons.

“It’s a dangerous situation when 30 plus guns are in the hands of someone that probably can’t get them from legal means.  What their intent is with the guns we’re not exactly sure,” said Cloverdale town marshal Steve Hibler.

Police won’t say how the suspect broke into the building, but during the crime, the thief ripped out the surveillance system.

Investigators don’t have any surveillance pictures to release, but say they do have some evidence left behind at the scene.

Still, dozens of firearms in the hands of a criminal is a threat to the small town of Cloverdale and police say they’re working as hard as they can to track those weapons down and return them to their rightful owner.

“It’s dangerous for community at large and law enforcement, so anyone knows anything that can assist us that would be great,” said Hibler.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Cloverdale Police Department or ATF.

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