New Castle baseball league for players with special needs looking for donors to build new facility

NEW CASTLE, Ind. — A baseball league for people of all ages and abilities is in need of a new facility to better accommodate its growing number of members.

The Miracle League of New Castle is a baseball organization for people with physical and/or cognitive challenges.

Valerie Lamb (coach) and Kelsey Buckley (player)

The group of nearly 150 players has games every Saturday at Baker Park, but shares the field with a local softball team.

As the organization continues to expand, founders of the organization are looking to build a new baseball facility to fully accommodate their players.

“They do great for us to be able to share this league, but our players actually need better, harder services,” said Cindy Brooks, co-founder of the Miracle League. “Our goal in the next few years is to be able to build a nice facility just for our players to have and be able to play on.”

Brooks started the league in 2008 when her daughter, Hannah, expressed frustrations with not being able to play on a baseball team with her three younger brothers.

Cindy Brooks and her daughter, Hannah Brooks

Brooks said the league’s current baseball facility only has two portable restrooms, which makes it difficult for players with physical challenges.

“When you have a child in a wheelchair that needs to be laid down to change, those facilities are not available in a place like this,” said Brooks. “So, we are looking to build that so we can be barrier-free for our players.”

Valerie Lamb has been a coach with the Miracle League since its inception. She said having an updated, fully-accommodating facility would allow more players to participate in the league each year.

“We’d love to have a new field,” said Lamb. “When it rains, sometimes we can’t play because it gets dusty and dirty.  A lot of the players use wheelchairs, walkers and have limited mobility, and would benefit from a brand new, all-accessible field.”

Opening day for the Miracle League took place last Saturday with players ages 3 to 74 years old, in attendance.

“When we came here on Saturday, it was amazing to get to see them play and do something a lot of people take for granted every year,” said Brooks. “It’s an amazing, miracle experience for sure.”

In addition to donations to help build a new baseball facility, the league is in need of volunteers to assist players during games.

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