Noblesville 7th grade science teacher awarded the Community Hero for bravery and service

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Noblesville 7th grade science teacher Jason Seaman was giving a test when a student walked in the classroom with a gun and started shooting.  In that instant Mr. Seaman was willing to sacrifice himself for this students.  He tackled the student shooting and wrestled the gun away.  He was shot 3 times.  Student, Ella Whistler was shot 7 times.  As the community rallied to pray for Ella and honor Mr. Seaman's heroic and brave act, Student Madeline Hancock wondered how she could personally express the depth of her gratitude.  She was in another classroom when the shooting happened but she realized so many lives could have been lost if not for her science teacher.

Madeline saw the Fox59 and Community Health Network call for Community Hero nominations on TV.  "I saw it as a commercial and I kind of watched it and I was like wait, I feel like this could be an opportunity."  said Madeline.  And it was. Madeline's nomination letter was beautiful. Fox59 and Community Health Network were determined to help make this Community Hero surprise special for Mr Seaman and for Madeline. We got busy with the city of Noblesville and Miller Cares, the parent group who organized Miller Fest, a community celebration in support of Ella, Mr. Seaman, students and staff.  The result was a special surprise delivered by the perfect person the do the honors, Madeline Hancock.

After getting his award, Mr. Seaman said, "It just makes is so much special coming from her.  I've said it before, that they're the reason that I teach. And when it comes full circle like this and I love having Maddie in class so it makes it special.  I'm just glad I'm still here, and that I can be a parent to my kids and I can continue to teach them."

Fox59 and Community Health Network are proud to honor Mr. Jason Seaman as the July Community Hero. We thank you for your bravery and service to our children.

Nominate your Community Hero here.

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